Sample Menus

Sample Canapés menus - from £2.00 to £3.50 each


Labneh, dukkah on sourdough

Sesame almond onigiri sea vegetables

Vietnamese roll, hoisin peanut sauce

Celeriac remoulade, endives, Stilton

Butternut squash parmesan kale pesto

Shitake, miso and walnut bao

Persian herb frittata, paprika, sour cream

Aubergines, ricotta, honey, cumin

Beetroot and fava bean puree, pitta chips


Beetroot-cured sea trout, horseradish, celeriac

Lemongrass hake cakes, yuzu, purple basil vinaigrette

Smoked trout, fennel, lemon crème fraiche

Cod cheeks, galangal, turmeric, dill

Crab spring onions cakes, honey chilli

Chermoula-marinated mackerel, labneh, 

Anchovy  sage on labneh, flatbread


Roast beef, pickled onions, horseradish

Cumin grilled chicken, mint cucumber raita

Asian pulled pork, pickled daikon

Lemongrass beef wrapped in betel leaves, 

Beef and lamb kofte, salsa verde, turnip

Isreali spiced chicken, harissa, tahini

Vietnamese grilled pork, crispy shallots

Sample Buffet Menus - from £18 to £35 per head


to start.

Persian herb frittata smoked paprika

Aubergines, ricotta, walnut, honey, cumin

Courgettes, labneh, dukkah

 main course.

Beef and lamb kofte

Mackerel, Chermoula

served with

Basmati & wild rice, pistachios, herbs

 Seasonal greens, lemon, nigella seeds

Labneh, kalamata olives, pine nuts

Flat bread olive oil za’atar


BBQ peaches, honey, sesame and pistacchio crumble, clotted cream

Southeast Asian

to start.

Cod cheeks, dill and spring onions

Mushroom dumpling ginger consommé

Beef lemongrass wrapped in shiso leaf

main course.

Chargrilled poussin, five-spice

Braised miso aubergine terrine

served with.

Salad of raw courgette noodle

Steamed jasmine rice

Coriander vinaigrette

Do chua (Vietnamese pickles)


Ultra light chocolate mousse with matcha green tea and sesame sablé

South American

to start.

Pollock ceviche

Seasonal crudités, chipotle queso fresco

Purple corn chips, guacamole

main course.

Carnitas or vegetarian corn tamales

served with.

Purple potato, spring onions, coriander

Quinoa, broad beans, corn, courgette

Homemade fiery tomato salsa

Refried black beans

Sour cream


Dulce de leche cheesecake